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Bendable Track top fixed 2.jpg

Angled or Curved Bays

Our bendable track can be bent or curved on site to fit the shape of most bay windows including returns into the room.

Unlimited Length

Square30 tracks can be joined to an unlimited length without any restrictions in the pull of the curtains around more bay windows.

CREA25 big track river view.jpg

Surf Gliders

Available for 'wave' headed curtains with the use of our Surf 60 or Surf 80 gliders.


Finials & Colours

Three decorative finials available including Cap, Collar or Ball.

Also total of 7 colours (White, Chalk, Oyster, Ash, Nimbus, Slate & Black) (Click here to see available finishes)

Neat Ceiling Fix

Square30 tracks are designed to be top fixed directly through the track into the ceiling/top board without the use of any brackets.

Standard Bracket copy.jpg

Bracket Selection

A variety of brackets available including adjustable and horizontal styles to fit most tricky jobs.

(Click here to see collection)

Double Tracks

Double tracks are available with the use of plain gliders on the back and the option of surf gliders on the front.

R38 Double.jpg
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