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Portiere rods are useful for curtains over doors and also within dormer windows where there is no space to draw a curtain back.

The hinge attaches to the door frame or return wall. The pole rests on a support on the door that allows the door to open and close without moving the curtain. 

A second pole support is mounted on the return wall which will allow the pole to be lifted and swung off the door and placed on that support at times when the curtain is not required across the door.


The pole itself will supplied at a set length of 1.2m which can be trimmed down on site to fit your required width.

Available in all 11 of our metal colour range: White, Almond, Chalk, Oyster, Ash, Nimbus, Slate, Black, Graphite, Pewter, Chrome and Bronze. (Click here for more)


Portiere packs come with...

  • 1 x Portiere hinge/bracket

  • 1 x 19mm x 1.2m Pole

  • 2 x Sliding (Support) brackets

  • 1 x Finial

  • 2 x locking collars

  • 12 x Rings

Portiere Rod 1.jpg
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