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Discover the blend of elegance and practicality with our Square30 and Round38 track systems.
While these modernized tracks may vary in appearance, they share similar functionality, offering distinct style options for a wide range of window treatments.

  • Modern Style - The Square30 track showcases a contemporary appeal with it's sleek, flat face, adding a modern touch to your window décor.

  • Smooth Operation - Engineered for effortless functionality, the Square30 ensures smooth and easy operation of your curtains.

  • Versatile Design - Designed to seamlessly complement a variety of curtain styles, with options to match your interior preferences.

Round38 profile.jpg
  • Appearance - With it's curved face reminiscent of a classic curtain pole, the Round38 track exudes timeless elegance and finesse.

  • Functionality Beauty - Just like it's Square30 counterpart, the Round38 track guarantees seamless operation and ease of opening and closing curtains.

  • Charm - The Round38 track adds an element of charm to your living space, enhancing the overall ambiance with it's graceful profile.

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