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Square30 Tracks

Discover the versatility of our Square30 tracks, available in straight or bendable options to suit your unique needs. Crafted for flexibility and functionality, comes in a variety of finishes, ensuring seamless integration with your interior design.





Features & Benefits
  • Unlimited Length - Our Square30 tracks offer a flexibility in length, allowing multiple sections to be joined together. This unique feature enables the gliders to transverse across the tracks with any limitations, adaptable for virtually any desired track length.

  • Angled & Curved bay windows - There are 2 distinct types of Square30, one is a solid and straight track, while the other offers a bendable option that can be customised on site. This bendable track solution of particularly suitable for creating unique angles and curves for most bay windows (Click here for more information).

  • Surf Gliders - Compatible for 'wave' headed curtains, our Surf gliders come with a spacing of either 60mm or 80mm for deeper or shallower wave curtain headings.

  • Neat Ceiling Fixing - The track can be easily affixed directly to the ceiling, minimising any light spillage over the top and eliminating the needs of brackets during installation.

  • Double Tracks - As well as a selection of various brackets, we have double face fix brackets which allows you to add layering to your window treatment.

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