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Wooden Holdbacks

Curtain holdbacks elegantly gather curtains to the sides of the window allowing more light and air into the room, while draw rods facilitate smooth operating and closing of the curtains, overall enhancing the functionality and style of the window.


Large Holdback:

  • Diameter - 115cm

  • Ideal for showcasing larger Curtains

  • Available in all wooden finishes

Small Holdback:

  • Diameter - 70cm

  • Ideal for subtle and delicate touch

  • Available in all wooden finishes

Wooden Drawrod Larger.JPG

Wooden Drawrods

Our wooden draw-rods offers a simple solution for opening and closing curtains with ease.

  • Crafted from a lightweight wood and finished in a smooth off-white finish, it ensure effortless gliding of light/medium weight curtains and draperies.

  • With a moderate thickness and simple design, it provides an adequate support while remaining affordable.

  • While not suitable for heavy/bulky curtains, it's standard 1.0m length and natural appearance makes it a practical choice for smaller spaces while lighter weighted treatments are preferred.

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