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Round38 Tracks
Round38 profile.jpg

Similar to our Square30 track, our new Round38 features a rounded face that imparts a pole-like appearance while maintaining the use of gliders instead of rings.

Features & Benefits
  • Unlimited Length - Our Round38 tracks offer a flexibility in length, allowing multiple sections to be joined together. This unique feature enables the gliders to transverse across the tracks with any limitations, adaptable for virtually any desired track length.

  • Angled for bay windows - Different to the Square30 option, our Round38 can be supplied for bay windows but this is pre-bent by us before despatch (Click here for more information).

  • Surf Gliders - Compatible for 'wave' headed curtains, our Surf gliders come with a spacing of either 60mm or 80mm for deeper or shallower wave curtain headings.

  • Double Tracks - As well as a selection of various brackets, we have double face fix brackets which allows you to add layering to your window treatment.

Rose19 Round38 Ball.jpg
Plea03 Round38 Bay 4.jpg
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