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Bay Window Poles

Our 19mm poles are hand-bent to order for a variety of bay windows with a selection of 11 stunning finishes available.

The Problem

When fitting a conventional iron pole around a bay window with a pair of curtains to pull around the whole bay, only 3 brackets can be used (rings will not pass standard brackets).

With the use of only 3 brackets the corners are left unsupported, this would make the pole sag with heavy curtains or under their own weight on larger bays.

The Solution

Cameron Fuller's Special passing brackets support the poles in the corners with the use of our unique 'C' rings a single curtain can be pulled smoothly around half of the pole.


  • We CANNOT bend 32mm poles

  • We Cannot put a continuous curve onto the pole

  • Ring pass brackets will not allow curtains to pass with either tab top or eyelet headings

Passing Drawings.JPG

Face Fix

Ceiling Fix

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Download our bay order form to help gather the required measurements ready to place your order.

We are able to bend our 19mm metal poles to fit a bay window - you supply the measurements, and we will supply the pole ready to fit. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to help with any bay pole fitting enquiries.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers a personal service; there is always someone on the end of a phone who can help with any query about our curtain poles and track - from pricing up a large order to working out how to fit a curtains into a tricky corner.

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