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Bay Window Poles

Elevate your bay window treatment with our 19mm poles bent to fit most bay windows, combining stylish design and sturdy support for a seamless finish.

Key Features

  • Bent Design for Bay Windows - Poles are specially bent to fit most bay windows, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless appearance.

  • Oversized Poles - Bay window poles are supplied oversized, this offers flexibility to adjust the length of the poles on site.

  • Stylish Design - Our 19mm poles feature a sleek and stylish design, enhancing the overall finish of your bay window while adding a traditional style to your décor.

  • Sturdy Support - Despite their elegant design, the poles provide sturdy support for curtains and drapes using our ring pass bracket system. This ensures the bends are supported while allowing the rings to glide over unobstructed.

Our bay window poles are designed to offer versatility to meet unique requirements of various window configurations. As a standard offering, our poles come with options for 2, 4 or 6 bends at a maximum length of 4.8m. These selections offer a wide variety of window dimensions.
However, for customers with specific requirements we can offer the option for single-bent poles on request, allowing solutions for unique window layouts.
Additionally, for those with oversized windows, we can provide a quote for custom lengths to ensure a fit for most bay window spaces.

Elly Allen 14.JPG

Ring Pass Brackets

Our 19mm ring pass brackets provide a seamless solution for hanging curtains on bay windows. Featuring a ring passing system, these brackets ensure smooth operation while offering sturdy support for curtains or drapes. This innovative design enables the rings to pass along the pole with effortless opening and closing of the curtains.
With our ring pass brackets, the bends are fully supported, ensuring the pole is stabilized at the corners while allowing the curtains to move freely.

Ring Pass Bracket.jpg

Face fix passing

Ceiling Ring Pass.jpg

Ceiling fix passing

A face fixed passing bracket and a ceiling fixed passing bracket differ primarily in their installation methods and applications.

  • Face fixed - This is typically attached to the face of the structure, such as a wall, and extends horizontally to support a curtain pole. It is visible from the front and offers a straightforward mounting solution for most window treatments.

  • Ceiling fixed - these are mounted directly to the ceiling, providing a subtle and integrated appearance. It is commonly used when there is limited wall space or to create a sleek and efficient aspect.

The choice between fixing to the face or the ceiling can depend on factors like the desired style, available space and the specific requirements of the installation. 

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