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French poles

Also known as French return poles, they boast a distinctive design that seamlessly blends practicality with elegance.

These poles come in two 19mm lengths for a pair of curtains, featuring a 90-degree bend at the end that allows the pole to return back to the wall.

When drawn closed, the curved return ensures the fabric hangs close to the wall, minimizing any light leakage and draughts which is ideal for room darkening.

French Pole Drawing copy.jpg

French poles are supplied in two pack sizes, arriving in oversized lengths that are trimmed at the centre on site. The centre is supported with a central bracket at the join, enhancing their adaptability for fitting almost any window.
However, this design restricts their use to pairs of curtains, excluding the option of using with a single curtain.

French Poles JOAN02 2.jpg
French Pole Bracket.jpg

Features and Benefits

  • Room Darkening - French poles are designed to reduce light bleed down the sides of the curtains, making them ideal for bedrooms or home theatres.

  • Cold Draught Reduction - The unique design of French poles allows curtains to fully return to the wall, this feature not only effectively reduces cold draughts but also enhances the elegance.

  • Insulation - similar to the draught reduction feature, this will also help prevent heat loss and keep living spaces cosy during colder months.

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